About Us

Riga Business Association (RBA) is a non-governmental organization uniting their ranks Riga small and medium-sized enterprises.

Riga Business Association objective

To represent the interest of Riga Business Association (RBA) members (entrepreneurs) and promote dialogue with national and municipal authorities as well as international organizations in taking part in decision-making, that would benefit (encourage) businessmen (entrepreneurs) and the city of Riga’s economic development.

To promote the development of business (entrepreneurship), and the development and implementation of corresponding projects.
To encourage the partnership between the businessmen (entrepreneurs) in Riga, Riga region and foreign countries.
To encourage the exchange of mutual information, experience and best practice among businessmen (entrepreneurs) in Riga.
Collaborate with other associations, organizations, and unions with the objective to promote the recognition of Riga Business Association (RBA) recognition
To engage the entrepreneurs to participate in the exchange of experience at events, as well as gain new experiences and contacts.
To generate successful growth within entrepreneurs in local and foreign markets.

Join Riga Business Association

  • Network with new business contacts (other entrepreneurs)
  • Receive free consultations about workers’ rights and employee protection
  • Get the latest information about planned amendments in regulations, political planning documents, and latest EU fund projects
  • Receive all necessary information from the national and municipal authorities about RBA functions and goal achieving
  • Participate in forums, complimentary workshops and trainings
  • Take part in collectively organized social events to engage with unions, municipal authorities and other organizations
  • Get an opportunity to collaborate with The Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LTRK), Employers’ Confederation of Latvia (LDDK) and Municipality of Riga
  • Have influence in the process of legislation in collaboration with The Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LTRK) and Employers’ Confederation of Latvia (LDDK).

The board of RBA

Reinis Kaukulis
SIA “Kāgo”
Member of the Board
Edīte Alksne
Deputy Chairman
Sigita Keiša
Member of the Board
Laila Uzule
SIA "'Mācību cents ''Alfa''''
Member of the board
Elvis Andersons

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